Ashley Tisdale Checks Her Weight by Frequenting The Gym

Ashley Tisdale is perhaps one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood. With a trim yet fetching figure, the gorgeous actress knows she has the looks that drive many fans into frenzy when she spots anything that hugs her comely figure.

It all does not come on a silver platter though; she takes her precious time to work out at the gym. That is not all, Ashley checks what she eats. She is not one of those celebs who pop anything into her mouth. Her diet is quite important to her. Moreover, even though there are rumors about her nose job, this article made it clear that it was strictly for medical reason.

Ashley Tisdale nose job

Ashley Tisdale nose job

It is hard to believe that the good looking lady began acting at the age of three when most people still wish to be considered too young to do anything sensible. She met Bill Perlman, her manager, at a shopping mall in New Jersey. He asked her to do a number of commercials in TV advertisements. Her theatrical career began when she appeared in Gypsy; A Musical Fable. She also starred in The Sound of Music.

When Tisdale was eight years old, she was asked to play the part of Cosset in a play Les Miserables. By the time she landed the role, she had only taken one singing lesson. She was on a tour with Les Miserables before landing another role in Annie in Korea. When she was only 12, she sang at a White House event for the then president Bill Clinton. She moved to Los Angeles with her family and got minor roles in television shows like Boston Public, Bette, Seventh Heaven, The Hughleys among others.

The actress was born on 2nd July 1985 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Her father, Michael Tisdale, was Christian while mom, Lisa Morris, was Jewish. Her elder sister is a producer as well as actress. She is married to Christopher French whom she met in 2012. They dated for a while before they finally tied the knot in 2014. Currently, they still do not have kids, and she has not openly talked about it. Apart from her husband, there are notable figures she has dated like Jared Murillo and Scott Speer.

Ashley Tisdale’s voice is her biggest asset ever. Other than singing and acting, she has used her voice in numerous animated series like the Phineas and Ferb which was featured in 2006. Some of her albums that have won accolades include Headstrong and Guilty Pleasure. While fans accept her music, critics sometimes go hard on her.

Ashley Tisdale Vs Rihanna

Ashley Tisdale Vs Rihanna

Ashley Tisdale Vs Rihanna

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Tisdale is a known philanthropist and has contributed to a number of charities. She is also known to visit sick people in hospitals. She supports charities devoted to putting up homes for the homeless like Habitat for Humanity. She was part of the group that contributed towards the Get on the Bus charity campaign. The astute lady has appeared in a number of promotional campaigns as well. In the Forbes list of High Earners under 30, Tisdale is ranked 17 overall.

Recently, she wore a T- Shirt with the inscriptions, I Woke Up Like This. It caused quite a buzz. At another time, her cap read, I Love haters. Well, she knows how to pass her messages without speaking.

An In-depth Review of The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

It is never too late to burn some few calories to loosing extra pounds with the latest creative and innovative workout equipment from Schwinn. The company, which is the primary producer of most popular sports machines and outdoor equipment worldwide, has launched a top-performing Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike which comes with top-notch, solid materials that are designed with proven track record of performance and quality to allow you lose weight and maintain your body fitness to achieving your fitness goals.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent BikeSchwinn 230 recumbent bike comes with maximum comfort, safe and efficient features including large vented seats which in composed of a slider seat rail that provides for convenience and ease while performing vigorous workouts. The larger seat of the machine is designed to be adjustable and flexible in order to reach various heights. This allows you to adjust the machine to the height of your preferences in order to effectively perform various workouts with optimal comfort. In addition, the bike has two-positioned lumbar support with two integrated levers and a sturdy solid workout platform for additional comfort and safety while performing workouts.

The bike, when fully assembled, weighs one hundred and fourteen pounds and has dimensions of approximately 63″L x 25″W x 46″H. It can be able to hold users weight up to a capacity of about 300 pounds. In addition, it has wheels to allow you to easily and safely move the whole unit around the house to your places of preference.

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike has bikes pedals which have been made into one millimeter inclination to allow for great body postures and ergonomic positions while biking in order to avoid muscle strains and pains. The bike has a console which comes with twenty two pre-installed workout programs in addition to various adjustable user settings to help improve your workout routine to achieving your fitness goals. The bikes handle bars are designed with good grip to provide excellent grasps during routine workout. Its 3-speed built in cooling fan is amazing as it allows you to perform vigorous exercises whilst you stay cool and fresh.

Designed with the most recent technology, the bike allows you to watch movies whilst you pedal from the bike seat. Moreover, individual units have large LCD computer display showing thirteen various display feedbacks which includes burned calories, distance, time, revolutions per minute (RPM), speed and pulse.

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike equipment comes with several benefits. For example, the machine is not highly priced compared to other recumbent bikes. The tool is cheap and can be easily afforded by several users. Not to mention, the ten year warranty on the frame with a two year warranty on the rest of the other parts. However, while purchasing the bike, it important to note that the machine can be quite heavy.

With the machines popularity in usage, it is fair to mention that the bike satisfies most users’ preferences in terms of efficiency and quality. More over the bike’s features and functionalities cannot be compared to its price.

Go for the All-Year Round Beach Body

Sick and tired of those crash diets every single summer? Then, instead of getting a temporarily fit body, get an all-year round beach body. Why would you stick with a plan that takes so much effort, but only has a temporary result? Be consistent for a consistently hot body. These are what you need to do, and what you need to know.

1. Get some exercise


This is probably the most common tip, advice, and/ or activity anyone would give you if you tell them you want to lose weight. More if you want to get fit and get a hot body you would not want to cover for the summer. Let us face it, exercise is not everybody’s cup of tea, so if you are going to work out, you might as well pick a routine that you can enjoy.

There are different kinds of exercise you could do like:

a. Cardio


Cardiovascular exercise is any exercise that targets to make your heart rate go up. This use large muscle movements for long periods of time, so the heart rate would go up till at least 50% of its maximum.

b. Strength

Strength training is also known as resistance training targets to strengthen the muscles and bones, and to heighten the metabolism. This involves weights, push- ups, and the likes.

2. Diet


Although exercise helps in losing weight, the magic actually happens in the kitchen: Weight loss happens in the kitchen. There are many diets you could try out, like the Atkins diet (low carbs, high protein diet), Paleo diet (the caveman diet, you don’t eat what cavemen don’t), Clean eating diet (the all natural, no processed food diet), and many more.

If you watch and focus on what and how much you eat, your body would take care of your weight on its own.

3. Try taking Garcinia Cambogia

This is something a little different. You do not hear this as much as the first two on the list. What is Garcinia Cambogia, and why is it advisable to take it if you want a year round beach body. Garcinia Cambogia Extract GNC is a diet supplement that contains HCA (Hydroxycitric acid).

It helps in burning fats and keeping them out, while preventing you from overeating and from snacking (it helps you reduce you calorie intake). If you think any other diet supplement would do (and there is a lot of them out there), here is a little something that might help you decide: Garcinia Cambogia is 100% Natural, it is healthy, it does not contain dangerous substances like preservatives and stimulants, it cannot get any safer and any more effective than that.

If you take those two steps and combine them with Garcinia Cambogia, you would lose weight and have that beach body in no time, and the best part is, you get to keep it.

Analyzing How Garcinia Cambogia Works

Weight gain and obesity are major problems the world over. In America alone, it is predicted that almost a third of the entire population is overweight. These grim figures are outright scary, taking into consideration the effects of obesity.

Obesity effects

Apart from the social stigma placed on this menace, it also has numerous health implications. Obesity causes the risk of high blood pressure. When there is additional fat tissue in the body, more oxygen is required to assist the blood vessels to circulate more blood to the fat tissue. This eventually translates to increased workload in the heart as it has to pump more blood through additional blood vessels. When more blood gets pumped, it means additional pressure has to be exerted on the artery walls which in turn lead to high blood pressure.

Type 2 diabetes is mostly as a result of obesity. Previously, it only affected adults, but with more children getting overweight, the problem is now for both. Obesity causes resistance to insulin which is the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Blood sugar becomes elevated when obesity causes insulin resistance. In women, obesity increases the risk of cancer especially breast and uterus cancer. In men, obesity increases the risk of colon and prostate cancer.

Other than cancer, weight gain also leads to heart disease. In fat people, atherosclerosis; or hardening of the arteries is ten times more likely to occur than for those with average body sizes. Coronary artery disease affects the overweight as fatty deposits build up in arteries which supply the heart with blood. If the arteries are narrowed and blood flow is reduced, one can experience chest pain. Narrowed arteries can lead to blood clots which in turn can cause stroke.

All these and other diseases can create serious health problems to an overweight person. That is why the use of garcinia cambogia extract is recommended by most doctors. How does garcinia cambogia work? Being a natural weight loss supplement, garcinia can go a long way in giving one a trim figure that is easier to manipulate.

Since this natural capsule has got HCL, short for hydroxycitric acid, it can fight your big size in two ways; being a derivative of citric acid, HCA limits the work of citrate lyase which is responsible for changing carbohydrates into fatty acids. It halts the carbohydrate conversion process thus blocking fats to produce weight loss.

HCA also boosts serotonin. By raising the level of this chemical in the brain, one’s moods, sleep and appetite gets boosted. Elevated levels of serotonin curb hunger and eliminate cravings for food. When one is less depressed, they are highly unlikely to reach for food. Less food for emotional eaters means less weight.

Garcinia Cambogia is a weight loss supplement that has been in use for a number of years from the time Dr. Oz described it as the Holy Grail of weight loss. Several dieters have flocked to health food stores to acquire it. A number of studies conducted on the pill have supported Dr. Oz’s claims that indeed it works. More researches are still being carried out to make the supplement even better.

Reasons Why Plastic Surgeries Can Go Wrong

Though the main purpose of plastic surgeries initially were to treat skin and muscle tears and injuries caused by accident and trauma, of late this surgery is being specifically used for the purpose of enhancing looks and appearances.

There are hardly any celebrities who would not have used plastic surgeries for the purpose of making them look younger, fitter and more attractive. Being in the celebrity field, it is quite important for them to look good failing which they will start losing their importance and relevance, which will start affecting their careers. However, not all plastic surgeries go right because of various reasons. Here are the facts about plastic surgeries of two renowned celebrities.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke is a renowned and famous name and he has a reasonably large fan following. Though he is a professional fighter, he has spent a considerable part of his life in the film industry. Hence, it is natural for him to find out ways and means by which he can look good and continue to attract his supporters and well wishers. He must have undergone Rhinoplasty, Facelift and Eye Lift with the main objective of removing the various wrinkles and lines on the face, which are a part of any ageing process.

Further, he thought that his nose was a bit weird, when compared to his face and therefore, wanted to give it a more symmetrical and even look. The region below his eyes started developing bags, which he wanted to correct with an eyelift surgery. Unfortunately, he must have been associated with the wrong plastic surgeons. If one looks at his photographs now and then, there is every reason to believe that all the three surgeries have been botched up.

Heidi is another actor who is also renowned and as she was not getting any younger, she decided to go in for a host of plastic surgeries, including Rhinoplasty and breast implants. Though she has done a decent job of the breast implants, here rhinoplasty seemingly has not yielded the results that she would have expected. Though the cup size has increased, she has suffered serious side effect including a ruptured disc, which has caused her muscular damage and nerve damage. Read more in details here –

While both the above celebrities when through the process of plastic surgeries with all good intentions, it has not worked for them as much as they would have liked to. In fact, Heidi has suffered serious side effects. Taking these facts into account, one has to keep in mind, the fact that while plastic surgeries might be a good way to increase looks and appearances, if it goes wrong or if the side effects are not thought of, the results could be devastating.