Reasons Why Plastic Surgeries Can Go Wrong

Though the main purpose of plastic surgeries initially were to treat skin and muscle tears and injuries caused by accident and trauma, of late this surgery is being specifically used for the purpose of enhancing looks and appearances.

There are hardly any celebrities who would not have used plastic surgeries for the purpose of making them look younger, fitter and more attractive. Being in the celebrity field, it is quite important for them to look good failing which they will start losing their importance and relevance, which will start affecting their careers. However, not all plastic surgeries go right because of various reasons. Here are the facts about plastic surgeries of two renowned celebrities.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke is a renowned and famous name and he has a reasonably large fan following. Though he is a professional fighter, he has spent a considerable part of his life in the film industry. Hence, it is natural for him to find out ways and means by which he can look good and continue to attract his supporters and well wishers. He must have undergone Rhinoplasty, Facelift and Eye Lift with the main objective of removing the various wrinkles and lines on the face, which are a part of any ageing process.

Further, he thought that his nose was a bit weird, when compared to his face and therefore, wanted to give it a more symmetrical and even look. The region below his eyes started developing bags, which he wanted to correct with an eyelift surgery. Unfortunately, he must have been associated with the wrong plastic surgeons. If one looks at his photographs now and then, there is every reason to believe that all the three surgeries have been botched up.

Heidi is another actor who is also renowned and as she was not getting any younger, she decided to go in for a host of plastic surgeries, including Rhinoplasty and breast implants. Though she has done a decent job of the breast implants, here rhinoplasty seemingly has not yielded the results that she would have expected. Though the cup size has increased, she has suffered serious side effect including a ruptured disc, which has caused her muscular damage and nerve damage. Read more in details here –

While both the above celebrities when through the process of plastic surgeries with all good intentions, it has not worked for them as much as they would have liked to. In fact, Heidi has suffered serious side effects. Taking these facts into account, one has to keep in mind, the fact that while plastic surgeries might be a good way to increase looks and appearances, if it goes wrong or if the side effects are not thought of, the results could be devastating.